Hamsik at Milan, the deal does Napoli

30 06 2011

Deja-vu. The theater of the ‘puppet’ Marek Hamsik orchestrated by the ‘puppet master’ Mino Raiola smacks of something already seen. After the tummy ache of Ibrahimovic, Inter ran away to Barcelona for a year before returning to Milan after the Rossoneri this time on the bank, now it’s Slovakian midfielder to adopt the same strategy to change teams by increasing their salary. The end of the story seems to have written, and De Laurentiis permitting, by the end of August Hamsik will be satisfied and will wear the Milan shirt.

But the feeling of deja vu does not end there. We have to go back in time until last summer, when the Naples Quagliarella gave to Juventus and replaced him with Cavani, then the protagonist of an exceptional season. History may repeat itself this year, even if it is not easy to find a worthy successor to Hamsik. The club is alert Naples in the Italian market after an unsuccessful call to enter the race to Alexis Sanchez of Udinese, the ds Bigon was put to work to center the shot Shepherd. But this time, to convince Zamparini, will serve more than 16 million payable over four years disbursed for Cavani.

Obviously-running changes if instead of Hamsik should come only young Argentine Lamela, seems still too immature for a fruit not regret the Slovak on top. Ditto for Cassano, ‘too forward’, which would risk stepping on the feet with Pocho Lavezzi.




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