EXCLUSIVE MN – Repic: “The real coup is Mexes. Hamsik-Milan? Complex negotiation”

30 06 2011

And ‘one of the most popular voices of the radio program’ All the football to the minute ‘, one of the most respected and well known commentators. Let’s talk about Repic Francis, known and experienced Italian journalist. The editors of MilanNews.it, declined to comment to him, the hottest topics these days: from market to Allegri, through the youth sector.

These days the anniversary of Allegri and AC Milan. What has brought in more and that you have found differences with Ancelotti, for example?
“First, Ancelotti has been a long time to get used to Milan, especially as a player. Instead he had the bright background of some kind, even as a player. And ‘certain, however, that winning is not easy in the first year and has shown a great personality, even in technical decisions, going against the wishes of the president, first with Ronaldinho and then Pirlo. ”

As Milan is moving on the market?
“I think that by now the Mr. X has a name and a surname, Marek Hamsik. But I think the big purchase is Mexes AC Milan on a free transfer. We are talking about it bursting with a defender Alessandro Nesta, I consider the best, since I had the chance to tell it for ten years, and T. Silva, will do very well. ”

Let us return for a moment to Hamsik. We can consider his statements as a real opening?
“More than anything I’d say a rupture with Napoli. There is little to go around, the player wants to go to a legitimately most prestigious club with more chance of winning. De Laurentiis will be called the first real deal, very delicate, because of the way there are great clubs and great as a prosecutor Raiola. ”

Finally, I wanted a comment about the revolution that is affecting the youth, not just the Rossoneri. We are at a turning point?
“The real news is I think the putting in place AS Roma, entrusting all the team of Luis Enrique. Many other companies, including AC Milan, Barcelona and are following the method I can give some great fruit. “



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