Agent plays down Milan-Denilson link

30 06 2011

DENILSON’S agent believes reports about Milan wanting his client are only rumours.

Reports in England and Italy raised the option that the Rossoneri would be interested in Arsenal midfielder Denilson Pereira Neves. However, his agent, Santiago Gerardo says he hasn’t heard from AC Milan.

Denilson is not exactly fans’ favourite at the Emirates outfit and they would like to offload him. In fact, one Arsenal fan has put Denilson up for grabs, on eBay and gave him an “interesting” description.

“I know nothing of Milan, I think that at the moment these are only rumors,” Gerardo told

A part from the Brazilian’s, former São Paulo, who turns 24 next February, description on eBay reads: “If you thought the invisible wall of Gilberto was great, this guy is literally invisible for the full 90 minutes! … Would be perfect for a team that requires a slow defensive midfielder that is less mobile than a beached oil tanker.”

Denilson is a non-EU player so a move is highly unlikely.




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