Hamsik: “Milan would be a turning point for me”

28 06 2011

Milan have denied interest in Napoli midfielder Marek Hamsik but it does not seem like he’s not interested in moving to Milan as he hints at a move today in an interview with the Slovak daily newspaper Pravda:

“It’s difficult to predict when it is the right time to leave. I have grown a lot with Napoli in these past few years.”

“Milan? Massimiliano Allegri and Adriano Galliani have praised me and joining Milan would be the turning point of my career. I’m young, but I haven’t won anything. I would say that it’s time to win something now.”

President Aurelio De Laurentiis said Napoli “is not a supermarket” and the 23-year-old will not be leaving Naples this summer. Hamsik says that if he had to move, he’d choose to stay in Italy, snubbing Man City.

“De Laurentiis does not want to give me? Yes, yes, but nothing is certain. I often speak with him, he is funny and generous. Whatever you can talk to him,” the former Brescia man said and then added:

“Transfer to another country? I don’t want to move from Italy. I’ve been here for 7 years, learnt Italian and made a name for myself. I feel good and I feel fit for the Italian lifestyle.”




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