After the new Kaka, why not focus on the new Cesc?

27 06 2011

El Shaarawy is a big hit. It is part of a strategy to rejuvenate the rose that wants to bring the Devil to open a new and long cycle. Cycle, which would also need to Cesc Fabregas. The fans when they hear that name on the radio or TV, ask the utmost silence around them, they want to know if, when, why and how you can view it with the Rossoneri. In short, a mania. The player would all agree, and would continue rejuvenation. But the Arsenal captain, has a strong interest in the boat, and the player in the club head is currently the world’s strongest. Difficult, not impossible. 40 million is too much. The blow Ibra last year, leaving intact the hope of seeing a new coupe de theater. Football is time and space, the same applies to the market. Must arrive before the others. Fabregas ready is the new way. Yes, that would be for Milan. Why not focus on him then? Thiago Alcantara, Barcelona’s own property. Cesc in Spain could close the explosion of the new Cesc (Thiago Alcantara fact). Rojita midfielder, won the European Under21 signing the last 2 to 0 with a lob from 40 meters of exquisite workmanship. Spain defeats in the finals of the Swiss high Shaqiri (targeted by the new Rome). Thiago Alcantara do Nascimiento is one year older than El Shaarawy. Born 1991 grew up in the football school of Barcelona and since 2009 with the first team. In two seasons, alongside the Blaugrana stars, has collected 14 caps and 3 goals. Owner in the Spanish selection, until dall’Under16 all’Uner21. Roja has a fixed point of all breeders agree, he is the holder at the center of the field. Currently, its market value is around € 5 million, less than 35 fantastic Cesc. It takes courage, to arrive before we could afford in the future to get a ‘significant capital gain. Boateng has taught, El Sharaawy could teach him and Thiago will teach?



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