Will Milan be able to sign Ganso? Next week we will know

22 06 2011

THE FIGC will decide whether Milan will be able to make a swoop for Ganso. The Italian federation, FIGC, will meet next Tuesday (28/6/11) to decide whether Italian teams will have the option to sign two players who don’t have a European passport – or keep the rule the way it is today. Many clubs and fans have complained that this law hurts Italian teams’ chances to succeed in Europe and should the FIGC change the rule it will be great news for Milan who will be then able to sign Ganso. Paulo Henrique Ganso is Brazilian and is considered a non-EU player, however, with the current law, Milan can sign only one player of this category and have already used their slot to sign the Nigerian Taye Taiwo. While Taiwo is allowed to get a French passport, Milan are hopeful that the FIGC will change the rule so they could make a swoop for Ganso – who has been a target of the Rossoneri for over than two years now. The 21-year-old will play the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final with Santos this week. He is also part of the Brazilian squad for the Copa America; this squad consists of Robinho, Thiago Silva and Alex Pato. Rossoneriblog.com




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